Resonating Distances
by Richard von Sturmer
April 2022

Reading Resonating Distances is like turning a brilliantly facetted jewel in your hand while contemplating the refractions of light in its play upon the appearances and disappearances of mind in the always mutating world.   —Martin Edmond
Gorse Poems
by Chris Holdaway
April 2022

Chris Holdaway’s Gorse Poems is a startlingly brilliant debut collection. Here is a postcolonial epic written in a textured language that not only exalts, contorts and repels, but is true to the difficult music of reality. In Gorse Poems Holdaway affirms that, of all poetic traditions, Romanticism is still the most vital and enduring.   — Michael Steven, author of The Lifers  
Sonnets for Sio
by Scott Hamilton
April 2022

Scott Hamilton wrote these poems as letters to the sculptor, painter, and mystic Visesio Siasau. The poems look back on adventures the two shared amidst the jungle ruins and kava bars of Tonga, and discuss the alternately violent and beatific history of that nation. Sonnets for Sio is a book about art, goddesses, cicadas, sex, war, and intoxication. It celebrates a friendship that is intensified rather than broken by distance.