Coma by William Direen


The actual present of this novella is a rock concert in Seattle, but seventeen years are contained in that present. William Direen (aka songwriter Bill Direen) explores pleasures and regrets, hopes and anxieties.

I’m feeling the cold and the thinness of the air. I’m gaining in size. I’m trying to turn. I’m swimming again in a fluid thickening. My head goes under. I thump into a wall. My head is throbbing, my skull is about to crack. The beat of a drum as loud as I can stand and the swirl of a deafening Wurlitzer. I am curled up in the ear of a dragon. Blood is pulsing under a membrane, I am in a tympanum, in a blood vessel in a dragon’s brain, on the warm side of a peritoneal wall that separates us – me and another – from others.


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